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John T. Floyd


A Top Houston Criminal Defense Law Firm That Protects the Rights of All Texans


The John T. Floyd Law Firm is led by nationally renowned criminal defense attorney John T. Floyd. Mr. Floyd is board certified in criminal law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and has represented the accused before Texas and federal criminal courts for over 20 years. During his more than two decades practicing criminal law, Mr. Floyd has earned a reputation for his successful and loyal representation to his clients. Across the country, he is commonly regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities in criminal law.


John T. Floyd’s innovative tactics and resourceful defense strategies have earned his clients’ countless victories against some of the toughest prosecutors – in Texas and federal courts across the country. His talents in the courtroom have also won him a name as one of Houston’s “Top Lawyers” from HTexas magazine for eight consecutive years. Mr. Floyd has been named a leading criminal defense attorney by Newsweek and a super lawyer by Super Lawyers magazine.


Due to his vast experience and numerous successes in criminal law, John T. Floyd has appeared on television and radio programs across the county. He has been quoted in news outlets around the globe. Mr. Floyd is among the top federal and Texas criminal defense attorneys in the nation, and he is always ready to fight for his clients, no matter how serious the charge or complex the case is.



Fearless Representation from a Noted Houston Criminal Attorney


Much of the success of the John T. Floyd law firm is due to Mr. Floyd’s innovative and fearless representation in the most difficult and seemingly hopeless- cases. Mr. Floyd is proud to defend clients against the toughest of offenses. From complex white collar cases to sex crimes, high-profile domestic violence cases to cases involving national security and terrorism, he believes everyone has the right to a fair trial and excellent representation, regardless of the circumstances or public opinion. Mr. Floyd explained to HTexas magazine: “The criminal justice system is often an unforgiving and relentless machine, indifferent to justice. From experience, I know innocent people are charged with terrible crimes they did not commit.


Whether it is a witness making a false or mistaken identification, a law enforcement investigator presuming a person’s guilt without conducting a proper investigation, or an aggressive prosecutor who is more concerned with victory than seeking the truth, far too many people are falsely accused and convicted. Only the defense lawyer can stand before the government and demand justice for his client.”   John T. Floyd and his team of legal professionals are willing and eager to defend your rights, regardless of the criminal charges facing you. Mr. Floyd will protect your freedom with aggressive tactics and a defense strategy tailored to your unique case, serving as your fearless and powerful ally in Texas or federal court.   


A Houston Defense Attorney Backed by a Team of Leading Legal Professionals


Behind any top lawyer is an excellent team of legal professionals. John T. Floyd owes much of his achievements in the courtroom to his fantastic team of private investigators, forensic experts, and paralegals. Mr. Floyd is proud to have the opportunity to work alongside Christopher M. Choate, a respected trial lawyer in Houston. After graduating from the Indiana University School of Law, Mr. Choate received his license to practice law in Texas in 2004.


Mr. Choate has legal experience in a number of different areas of criminal law, including white collar crimes defense, federal direct appeals, and complex civil litigation. He has successfully defended accused clients across the country, from Tacoma, Washington to San Juan, Puerto Rico, and is a member of the Houston Trial Lawyers Association. If you are seeking knowledgeable and aggressive legal representation in Texas, consider your search over. At the John T. Floyd Law Firm, you will find some of the nation’s top criminal law professionals with the energy, resources, and expertise needed to defend your case.


Why Your Case Needs a Top Houston Criminal Lawyer


There are hundreds of criminal law firms in Texas alone, each one claiming to be the best. When choosing a lawyer to represent your case, you should review their credentials and past experience carefully. There is too much on the line to settle for anyone but the finest criminal attorney available. John T. Floyd is among the few board certified criminal attorneys in Texas with a proven track record of success.


Over the course of his 20+ years practicing criminal law, Mr. Floyd has earned a reputation as one of the nation’s most aggressive, resourceful, and passionate criminal defense attorneys. Mr. Floyd has worked with attorneys, judges, and law enforcement officials in courtrooms across Texas and the nation, developing a large network of strong relationships within the criminal justice system. As a respected figure in state and federal courts, Mr. Floyd is the influential ally you need to defend your court case.


Moreover, Mr. Floyd is driven by a genuine passion for criminal justice and fiercely believes that everyone deserves a worthy defense. When you choose to work with John T. Floyd, he will judiciously listen to the specifics of your case with compassion and without judgment. Mr. Floyd will begin working on your defense strategy immediately, collecting evidence, gathering witnesses, and consulting with experts. Mr. Floyd will explore every option available to have your charges reduced or dropped while protecting your reputation so you can move on with your life.  


Time is of the Essence—Contact a Trusted Houston Defense Attorney Today


Whether you have been arrested or are under investigation, it’s critical to contact the John T. Floyd Law Firm as soon as possible. As your attorney, Mr. Floyd can help you understand the charges you may be facing and help you avoid incriminating yourself through seemingly innocent errors or admissions. When you contact Mr. Floyd, he will gather the evidence before it deteriorates or disappears. The more time Mr. Floyd has to look over your case, gather evidence and explore your options, the more likely you will receive a favorable outcome. If you’re ready to start protecting your freedom and future, contact John T. Floyd today. As soon as you do, Mr. Floyd and his legal team will begin building a custom defense strategy, investing all their resources, energy, and skill to protect your rights.  


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