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John T. Floyd

John T. Floyd

Houston Criminal Attorney John Floyd is Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization


John T. Floyd

John T. Floyd has never been one to run from a challenge. Mr. Floyd has proudly represented clients in the complex and often misunderstood arena of criminal law for more than two decades, frequently taking on cases that others have deemed too serious or even hopeless. But John T. Floyd has learned from years of experience that allegations that appear hopeless are often based on false statements, incomplete investigative work, or, even worse, corrupt law enforcement officials.


He believes that each and every person has a right to a fair trial and excellent legal representation, and he will aggressively fight for each and every one of his clients by using his knowledge, experience, and compassion. Driven by a commitment to justice and a passion for civil rights, John T. Floyd began his legal journey studying law at South Texas College of Law.


After graduating with a Doctor of Jurisprudence in 1994, Mr. Floyd was admitted to the Texas bar. He has since successfully fought countless cases and has become Board Certified in Criminal Law. He believes in the Constitution of this great country and has fought against the government his entire career. He has never been a prosecutor and has never argued that a person accused of a crime be found guilty or sentenced to prison. He believes a major philosophical difference exists between those who have made careers as prosecutors, putting people in prison and those who passionately believe in defending the accused.


It is this passion that drives John T. Floyd to tirelessly fight for the rights of those souls accused of serious crimes, with often no one at their side but this committed criminal defense lawyer.  At the John T. Floyd Law Firm, Mr. Floyd leads a staff of smart and talented legal professionals, including paralegals, investigators, and forensic experts. Mr. Floyd and his team are committed to continued excellence in the often challenging practice area of state and federal criminal justice. They have earned a reputation throughout the country for their integrity, drive, and remarkable history of successful outcomes in these often difficult cases.



Today, John T. Floyd is the attorney reporters, and news outlets turn to for legal advice. He has appeared on national and worldwide television and radio programs as an expert in criminal law. He has been quoted in newspapers worldwide and has been named as one of Houston’s Top Lawyers practicing criminal defense by HTexas magazine for the last eight years running. When explaining his vocation to reporters from HTexas magazine, Mr. Floyd said, “…far too many people are falsely accused and convicted. It is only the defense lawyer who can stand before the government and demand justice for his client.” Mr. Floyd is Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.


He defends the rights of the accused across all of Texas and in federal courts nationwide. If you are interested in talking to John T. Floyd about your case, the best thing to do is get in touch with our office as soon as possible. Contact Mr. Floyd by emailing or calling 713-224-0101.





School Major Degree Graduated
South Texas College Of Law Jurisprudence, Law Doctorate 1994
University of North Texas Political Science BA – Bachelor of Arts 1991
University of North Texas Philosophy BA 1991



Position Association Name Duration
Member College of the State Bar of Texas 1995–present
Member Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association 1995–present
Member Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association 1995–present
Member United States District Court for Southern District of Texas 1995–present
Member United States District Court for Western District of Texas 1995–present
Member State Bar of Texas 1994–present
Board Member National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers 2003–2004
Member U.S. District Court for Eastern District of Texas 1995-present

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