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Should a Defendant Testify in His Own Defense?

Defense Lawyers often advise against their clients testifying in their own defense. It is typically unnecessary and tends to expose the client to great danger. Even […]

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child pornography lawyer


When has a sex offender convicted of possessing child pornography paid his debt to society? It is the natural response upon hearing of children being sexually […]

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Houston Sex Crimes Lawyer

Teachers Are Victims of False Allegations

Students Make False Allegations of Sexual Abuse Against Teachers Teachers are often the focus of false allegations made by students. Whether the student is reacting to […]

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Should I Plea to a Sex Offense?

According to the Special Analysis Unit of the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the State of Texas leads the nation with number of current registered […]

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Crossing the Line from “Preparation” to “Attempt” to Engage in Sex with a Minor

It is called proactive online policing: law enforcement officials posing as minors, or guardians of minors, on the Internet to catch child sexual predators. Many of […]

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Greg Abbott Continues Perry’s Legacy of Political Cronyism

Many Texans have now seen Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott’s ad about his herculean effort to re-build his strength following an accident in 1984 […]

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Reversal of Conviction for Appearance of Judicial Bias

Socrates once said, “Four things belong to a judge: to hear courteously, to listen wisely, to consider soberly, and to decide impartially.” The federal appellate courts […]

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Greg Abbott Supports Big Business over Rape Victim

Most everyone living in a major media market in Texas has seen State Senator Wendy Davis’s first statewide campaign ad released during the first week of […]

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Recanted Testimony Fails to Meet “Extraordinaily High” Burden for Claim of Actual Innocence

Probably the most difficult constitutional claim to establish in a federal habeas corpus proceeding is one of “actual innocence.” This premise was reinforced by the Ninth […]

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File Sharing Not Necessarily Distribution

File sharing permits the public or private sharing of computer data in a network that allows multiple people to read, view, modify, copy, print, or write […]

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