Terrorism Sentencing Enhancement Reversed By Fifth Circuit

Section 3A1.4 of the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines authorizes a steep increase in a defendant’s offense level and an automatic increase in his criminal history category if […]

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Houston Criminal Trial Lawyer

Do Convicted Felons Lose Right to Transfer Firearms?

Significant Property Rights Case Awaits Supreme Court Decision When defendants are arrested for felonies, it has become a standard condition of bond in many courts that […]

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child sex crime lawyer

Should Hearsay Statements Made by Children be Allowed at Trial?

Supreme Court to Address the Child-Victim Hearsay Exception As criminal defense lawyers we are often called to represent individuals accused of committing sex crimes against children. […]

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Criminal Justice

Are DOJ Findings on Racial Profiling in Ferguson Just the Tip of the Iceberg?

The Ferguson Police Department is not only an embarrassment to every law enforcement agency in this country but an embarrassment to the entire State of Missouri. […]

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John T Floyd Law Firm

Criminal Tax Prosecutions Increase in April

Just a gentle reminder that it is time to call your CPA and Tax Lawyer. It seems that federal prosecutors, and IRS criminal investigators, are in […]

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