Federal Sentencing

Prohibited Contact with Minors an Unreasonable Condition of Supervised Release

As we have said before, criminal defense lawyers representing defendants at federal sentencing hearings must be prepared to object to unreasonable conditions of supervised release, or […]

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Justice in Federal Sentencing

Federal Sentencing in White Collar, Fraud Cases Needs Reform

As criminal defense lawyers who represent individuals accused of white collar and fraud cases, we often object to the severe sentences suggested by the federal sentencing […]

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Houston Criminal Trial Lawyer

Supreme Court Justices Dissatisfied with Criminal Justice System

It seems that U.S. Supreme Court Justices Anthony Kennedy and Stephen Breyer are not particularly fond of the way the nation’s justice system is functioning. Testifying […]

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Houston Criminal Lawyer John Floyd

Hate Groups and Gangs are the Real Face of Terror in America

When most Americans think of terrorism, they think of al Qaeda or ISIS; they equate the concept of terrorism to the Twin Towers attack or the […]

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Terrorism Criminal Lawyer

FBI’s Tactic of Using Snitches, Informants to Create Crime Used in War on Terror

It is naturally assumed that the recent arrest of a former U.S. Air Force veteran, Tairod Nathan Webster Pugh, on terror-related charges offers evidence that America’s […]

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