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John T. Floyd

Beaumont Sex Crimes Lawyer

John Floyd is Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and is rated as a Super Lawyer by Thomson Reuters.   Mr. Floyd is a recognized expert in criminal law and defends individuals who are under investigation or have been charged with serious allegations involving sex crimes, including those falsely accused of sexual abuse involving children.  Mr. Floyd travels throughout the State of Texas, including Beaumont, and to federal courts nationwide representing individuals falsely accused of sex crimes.


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Do Not Talk to Law Enforcement or Investigators from CPS Without a Lawyer 


Even if you have done nothing wrong, and have nothing to hide, do not talk to investigators in response to allegations of sex crimes.  Even seemingly innocent facts can corroborate false allegations and can be used against you in court.  Do not be fooled by police interrogation techniques, get an experienced lawyer first, then consider your best strategy in defending yourself.


Federal Sex Crimes Lawyer: Beaumont, Texas


Child sexual abuse allegations carry a stigma that is both frightening and terribly hard to overcome. These allegations are easy to make. Every state and the District of Columbia have laws that identify the professionals (doctors, nurses, medical examiners, etc.) who have a mandatory obligation to report suspected child sexual abuse. 18 other states have laws that make it easy for any person to report suspected child sexual abuse.


The ease with which child sexual allegations can be leveled against anyone creates an immediate need to secure counsel experienced in handling these cases.  John T. Floyd has over twenty years’ experience representing individuals accused of sex crimes and has earned a reputation for success in defending individuals falsely accused of these most serious offenses.


Experience Counts in Sex Assault Cases


John T. Floyd is Board Certified in Criminal Law. He has successfully represented hundreds of individuals under investigation for serious sex crimes, often preventing criminal charges from being filed. He has compiled an impressive record of defending and winning many complex sex crimes cases involving false child sex abuse allegations. His success in these cases has been featured in media and newspapers across the State underscoring his stature as a criminal law expert.


Sex Crimes in Beaumont and Jefferson County Texas


The Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office has prosecutors who are specially trained in prosecuting cases involving sexual abuse of children. The office also has investigators and victim assistance coordinators who work closely with liaisons of the Beaumont Police Department in investigating these cases.


Increased Prosecutions Lead to Increase in False Allegations


The DA’s office has ramped up its prosecution of sex offenses, especially those involving children. The Jefferson County district courts have responded to this strict prosecution policy in child sex abuse cases with harsh prison sentences and hefty fines. A Beaumont man earlier this year received a 99-year prison term without parole for super aggravated sexual assault of a child.


With increased emphasis on child sex abuse prosecutions by the DA’s office, there will be false allegations, especially in divorce proceedings involving contentious child custody disputes. Reputable studies reveal that false child sex abuse allegations are made in anywhere from 6 to 35 percent of these cases. Most false child sexual abuse allegations are not made by the child, rather by an adult close to the child.


Like most counties in Texas, Jefferson County has experienced its share of false child sexual abuse allegations. Take the case of Barry Byars who had false child sexual allegations leveled against him in Beaumont in 2001. He was given a 10-year sentence. The victim recanted the false allegation, and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals vacated his wrongful conviction in 2005.



There are three types of false child sexual abuse allegations:


  • The allegation is completely false because the offense did not occur,
  • The offense occurred but was committed by someone other than the accused, and
  • The allegation is partially true but mixes descriptions of events that did not happen.


This past June 2017 a Texas husband and wife were formally exonerated after spending 25 years in the state’s prison system on charges of sexually abusing children. Subsequent investigations established that not only had the couple not abused children, but no crime had ever occurred.


If you have a child sexual abuse allegation made against you, you need to know this: Texas has a host of laws that not only prohibit but punish severely any sexual activity between an adult and a child. Sexual penetration offenses are punished more harshly than sexual contact offenses.


Sex Crimes in Texas on the Rise


The Texas Department of Public Safety’s Uniform Crime Report for 2016 found that the number of sex offenses in the state increased by 7.7 percent last year.


Jefferson County records roughly 279 sexual assaults a year, of which 179 are recorded in Beaumont.


As of October 2017, there were 482 registered sex offenders in Jefferson County, 461 of who were registered in Beaumont.


Jefferson County is the 20th largest county in Texas and the FBI Uniform Crime Reports ranks Beaumont as the 3rd most dangerous city in the State of Texas.


The Department of Family and Protective Services reported that of the 66,075 confirmed cases of child abuse in the state in 2016, nearly 6,000 of them involved sexual offenses. Many of these ultimately proved to be false.


Experienced Criminal Defense Against Sex Crimes


John T. Floyd has used his extensive experience in child sex abuse cases to write exhaustively about the issue of false allegations in these cases. He has appeared on national news programs to provide expert commentary on high profile sex cases. Mr. Floyd understands how devastating a false child sex abuse allegation can be. The moment the allegation is made, a vicious stigma of guilt attaches that must be quickly, and convincingly, confronted to minimize its life-altering damage.


The John T. Floyd Law Firm defends against sex offenses throughout the state, and has extensive experience defending against the following child sex crimes:



The John T. Floyd Law Firm aggressively defends against child sexual abuse allegations even before formal charges are brought in two primary ways:


  • Fact Investigations – determining the who, what, when, where, and how inherent in every criminal accusation. Fact-gathering is essential in defending any criminal case, especially one involving child sex abuse allegations.
  • Witness Investigations – the State will have child sexual abuse experts, forensic interviewer, SANE nurses, DA investigators, and family members well-rehearsed to testify in these cases. The professional and personal backgrounds of these witnesses must be thoroughly investigated.


The John T. Floyd Law Firm has an experienced staff of investigators and paralegals that provide Mr. Floyd with the factual information and legal data necessary to prepare and present a successful defense, including but not limited to:


  • Securing statements that the alleged victim has made prior false sexual abuse allegations;
  • Interviewing witnesses, such as teachers and neighbors, about the alleged victim’s truthfulness;
  • Compiling client’s military records, criminal history (if any), education records, good character references, witnesses willing to testify for client, and polygraph examination results (if such a test is necessary to undertake);
  • A factual summary of the defense to be presented at trial;
  • A legal summary of the case law research conducted into relevant issues about the case;
  • Results of research into the police officers, forensic interviewers, social workers, and forensic psychologists the prosecution plan to use;
  • A detailed summary of interviews conducted with prosecution witnesses; and
  • A compilation of all the evidence gathered by defense investigators and experts showing client is not a pedophile.


Sex Offender Registration in Texas


Conviction of any sex offense requires that the offender register with local law enforcement under both federal and state law thereby placing his name/address in a public registry. This can dramatically alter a person’s life, forever. Securing employment and safe housing become exceedingly difficult. Friends, and even family, tend to drift away. Depression becomes a fixture in a registered sex offender’s life.


Living with sex offender registration is indeed difficult.  Failure to fully comply with the sex offender registration requirements can result in a felony prosecution. Depending on the initial conviction that required registration, the punishment may be based on a state jail, third- degree, or second-degree felony.


The John T. Floyd Law Firm is committed to not letting a child sex abuse allegation lead to a conviction and ultimately to sex offender registration.


If you, or a loved one, is under investigation, or has been charged with a child sex abuse offense, it is imperative that you seek legal representation as soon as possible.


The John T. Floyd Law Firm stands ready to travel to and defend against any child sex abuse allegation leveled in Beaumont or the surrounding areas in Jefferson County. A free in-office or telephone consultation is available for persons under investigation or charged with a child sex abuse offense. While Mr. Floyd travels to criminal courts throughout Texas, his primary office is in Houston, Texas.  All other locations are by appointment only.



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Beaumont is the county seat of Jefferson County.  The county courthouse was built in 1931 and was the tallest courthouse in the state.  The adjoining Jefferson County Courthouse is now the location of the district courts and criminal district court and is where all felony criminal prosecutions are presented, including serious child sex offenses.


The Jefferson County Courthouse is located at:


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