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John T. Floyd

Houston Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Federal Investigations Demand an Expert Lawyer


Federal Crimes Attorney in Houston


Board Certified in Criminal Law, Experienced in Federal Courts


John Floyd is Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and has over twenty six years experience representing individuals charged with serious crimes in federal courts in Texas and throughout the United States.


Federal Courts are Different 


The federal criminal justice system is unique and complex, with rules and procedures that differ from state courts.


Crimes that are prosecuted in the federal criminal justice system are punished in reference to the draconian and often unreasonable United States Federal Sentencing Guidelines, which typically suggest long prison sentences, heavy fines and serious restitution. To make matters worse, federal criminal cases are investigated and prosecuted by some of the country’s most aggressive and experienced law enforcement agents and prosecutors—many of whom have biases and hidden agendas that do not involve truth or justice.


Do Not Talk to a Federal Investigator, FBI Without a Lawyer


Free Advice from a Federal Criminal Lawyer: Do not talk to federal law enforcement agents without an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer present, ever, even if you believe you have done nothing wrong or have nothing to hide. 


A federal crime is an offense that is specifically prohibited by federal statute and prosecuted before the U.S. federal courts, as opposed to Texas state courts that have jurisdiction over cases that are normally thought of as street crimes or crimes of violence.


Obtaining Legal Counsel Early Can Prevent Criminal Charges


Federal investigations are often quite involved.  They typically involve many suspects and acts that may span many months, or even years, before being prosecuted.  Therefore, it is not uncommon for individuals under investigation for committing federal crimes to suspect that they are under investigation.  In fact, it is not uncommon for suspects in federal criminal investigations to be approached by federal agent for a “voluntary” interview.


This advance notice can give a cautious individual the opportunity to consult a lawyer and determine the best legal strategy prior to criminal charges being filed.  Individuals who are able to promptly retain and consult with a skilled federal crimes defense attorney, while the case is still being investigated, are often able to minimize their criminal exposure or avoid criminal charges entirely.


Force the Government to Follow the Law


Throughout the course of the investigation or later during trial or appeal, an experienced federal criminal lawyer can provide an individual with valuable counsel, guidance, and support, while ensuring that government’s  agents and prosecutors follow the law and face a thorough testing of their case.


If you believe that you may be under investigation for a federal crime, or have already been accused, arrested, or charged with a federal offense, retaining an experienced federal criminal defense attorney with successful experience in federal courts is critical. The federal criminal justice system is incredibly complex, and poses potentially severe consequences to your freedom, finances, and future. It is unwise to navigate a federal case without the assistance of a expert lawyer with decades of valuable experience in the federal criminal courts.




Do Not Talk to Federal Agents Without a Lawyer


Often, simply talking to federal agents from the FBI, DEA, ATF, IRS, Office of Inspector General, US Postal Inspection Service, US Secret Service, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Customs and Border Patrol, Joint Terrorism Task Force or a host of other federal criminal investigative agencies can have unforeseen and disastrous consequences for your case, even if you believe you are innocent and have done nothing wrong.


Federal criminal defense lawyer John T. Floyd has successfully defended clients before federal courts in Texas and across the country for over two decades, and can proudly point to a history of successful cases and favorable results.


Contact Mr. Floyd for a Comprehensive, Aggressive, and Professional Defense Against Allegations of Federal Criminal Activity


Mr. Floyd is backed by years of experience, extensive resources, and a team of industry-leading legal professionals, investigators, and experts. As a seasoned federal criminal defense attorney, John Floyd can guide you through every step of your federal case—from the initial investigative contact, indictment, trial and appeal—putting you in the very best position to either prevent federal charges from being filed or winning the case at trial by jury.


Federal Investigations Require an Expert Federal Criminal Defense Attorney


Typically, federal criminal cases are often more complex, larger in scope, involve greater financial losses, include more suspects, and are generally more serious than those that are prosecuted in the state criminal courts.


While there are thousands of possible crimes that can be prosecuted in federal courts, some of the most common include:


White collar crimes. While some white collar crimes may be tried at the state level, many of the most serious offenses are filed in the federal criminal courts. These types of cases can involve millions or even billions of dollars in alleged losses, so it is not surprising that they also bring with them huge fines and prison sentences that can last decades – or in the worst cases, a lifetime.  In addition to bank, mortgage, and health care fraud, federal law enforcement agents and prosecutors have announced they are also focusing on corporate crimes, embezzlement, Identity theft, and money laundering.


Sex crimes. Though many sex offenses, such as sexual assault, fall within the jurisdiction of Texas state courts, federal law also prohibits criminal activity involving sexual misconduct, including sex crimes committed against children. The most common examples of federal sex crimes include: interstate or foreign travel with intent to engage in prohibited sexual activity, online solicitation of a minor, possession or production of child pornography, trafficking minors for sexual purposes, interstate prostitution or sex trafficking.  An individual can also be charged with a federal sex crime for committing a sexual offense within a federal prison. The consequences for federal sex crimes are severe, and may include lifelong prison sentences.


Child pornography crimes.  Child pornography is sexual exploitation of the most innocent among us and is generally considered to be one of the most repulsive of acts.  It is therefore a very grave crime that brings with it extreme prejudice and bias, often requiring a defendant to prove his innocence.  Federal law defines child pornography as a visual depiction—such as a photo, video, or digital image—of sexually explicit activities involving a person under 18 years of age.


Under federal law, it is illegal to possess, distribute, or sell images of child pornography.  If found guilty of this type of crime, you are potentially facing a lengthy prison sentence, heavy fines, restitution, and irreparable damage to your reputation.


Do Not Talk to Federal Law Enforcement Agents Without a Lawyer


It is urgent that if you are contacted by law enforcement about allegations involving child pornography, or if your computers or phones are seized, that you remain silent until you have had an opportunity to consult with a lawyer with experience representing individuals suspected of possessing or distributing child pornography.  Mr. Floyd has extensive experience represented individuals suspected of committed this most serious offense in both state and federal courts and is prepared to help you build a defensive strategy designed to obtain the best possible outcome in your case.


Drug crimes. Though many drug charges are prosecuted in Texas state courts, many high level drug crimes involving large conspiracies, complex drug cartels or large amounts of drugs or money are prosecuted at the federal level. Typically, drug crimes prosecuted in federal courts are more serious than those prosecuted by the State of Texas, and carry harsher penalties, and in most cases demand mandatory minimum sentences.  This is especially true if allegations of use of firearms are made along with the federal drug charges.


The most common types of federal drug charges include large conspiracies involving drug trafficking, importation, manufacturing and related money laundering. Sentencing for federal drug crimes can vary depending on the circumstances, amount, and type of drug involved, but may include lengthy prison sentences and massive fines.


National Security and Terrorism crimes.


Terrorism and the related crime of material support have also been made a top priority for all law enforcement agencies.


Terrorism crimes involve criminal acts that endanger human life and are intended to intimidate or coerce a population, further political or social objectives, or affect the conduct of a government through destruction, assassination, or kidnapping. Terrorism crimes also include killing or attempted killing during an attack on a federal facility with a dangerous weapon, or killing or attempted killing of a government officer or employee. Being investigated or charged with terrorism is incredibly serious, and you will need the most aggressive defense possible to avoid lifelong prison sentences.


Do Not Talk to the FBI, ICE or Joint Terrorism Task Force Agents Without an Experienced Federal Lawyer


If you are contacted by law enforcement regarding allegations of terrorism or giving support to a foreign terrorist organization, the stakes are very high, and you must contact a lawyer experienced in representing individual accused of this type of crime.  Mr. Floyd has unique experience in representing individual suspected or accused of committing crimes associated with terrorism and understands that the stigma and prejudice associated with these cases often taints the objectivity of law enforcement agents working on these cases.  Mr. Floyd can help you preserve your constitutional rights and fight back against these often baseless allegations.


Immigration crimes. Federal immigration crimes include illegal re-entry, smuggling illegal aliens, harboring or employing illegal aliens, and immigration fraud. The line between criminal law and immigration law is often blurred and may require a team of lawyers, one experienced in criminal law and another immigration law.  If you are charged with an immigration crime, your case demands legal guidance from a defense attorney who is intimately familiar with criminal law and understands the possible implications of immigration law. Not only do immigration crimes carry tough penalties, they can also affect your ability to remain in this country or reenter in the future, if you are not a citizen.


Respected Houston Federal Criminal Lawyer John T. Floyd Will Fight Back Against the Federal Government


Though federal cases are some of the most serious and complex, the John T. Floyd Law Firm will not back away from a challenge. Mr. Floyd has successfully handled countless federal cases, and is renowned across the nation for taking on federal investigations and prosecutions with professionalism and success.


Protect Your Freedom, Good Name and Future


If you are being investigated or have been charged with a federal crime, or have been contacted by federal agents, every second is critical. Do not waste another crucial moment—contact The John T. Floyd Law Firm immediately to start protecting your rights and building a powerful defense.


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