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John T. Floyd
LEGITIMATE FEAR OR SOCIAL SHAME: “Islamophobia” Used to Justify Profiling, Harassment and Erosion of Civil Liberties
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As the Government increases its investigation and prosecution of individuals suspected of involvement in terrorism, criminal defense lawyers are increasingly representing individuals thought to be sympathetic to terrorist causes.  When representing individuals charged in “homegrown” terrorism cases, it is helpful…

GOVERNMENT CAN HIDE EVIDENCE IN CRIMINAL TRIALS: The Harm Caused By Supreme Court’s Refusal To Recognize Prosecutors’ Ethical Obligation To Disclose Favorable Evidence
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As part of our daily fight to seek a just and fair outcome for our clients, we constantly struggle to discover evidence that the government possesses and intentionally hides.  Unfortunately, since we do not have all the resources of Big…

COURT EXCUSES GOVERNMENT’S BAD CONDUCT: Despite Violation of Right to Counsel, Defendant’s Life Sentence Stands
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North Carolina resident Rodney Anton Williamson was indicted under seal in December 2006 and charged with conspiracy to distribute five kilos of cocaine.
Williamson and several co-conspirators eluded arrest. One of the co-conspirators, Edison Alberty, decided to surrender and…

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