Indicted Attorney General Ken Paxton has long been a political embarrassment to the State of Texas. Paxton, a self-described Trump Republican, has served as Texas’ top law enforcement officer for the last five(5) years while on bond for Felony Securities Fraud charges. He has become a personal and professional embarrassment that crosses all political lines—an embarrassment that he has made the Office of Attorney General the laughing stock in the nation.


The Texas Tribune reported on November 17, 2020, that Paxton was again under investigation, this time by the FBI, for allegations “made by eight of Paxton’s former top aides that he illegally used the power of his office to benefit a political donor.”


Aides Allege Official Corruption 


This federal investigation centers on allegations the attorney general has corrupted his office and trampled the rule of law to favor political donors. Former staffers say Paxton has become an “irrational” lunatic with his longstanding efforts to violate a host of state and federal laws to benefit donors.


Indeed, Paxton has become a personally frightened and politically desperate individual. The FBI investigation has tightened the noose around his criminal neck. Paxton needs a lifeline, and he is desperate to find it, flailing in the country’s turbulent political waters.


The attorney general has been a staunch supporter of the most corrupt President in American history, Donald J. Trump. Paxton was one of the first political sycophants Trump called upon in the 2020 presidential campaign to assist the President in smearing the election’s integrity and suppressing the non-white popular vote in that election. The attorney general was one of the first state attorney generals to file lawsuits trying to suppress mail-in ballots and thereby marginalize the Democratic voting base.


Paxton Seeks Presidential Favor


Despite these subversive efforts by a legion of corrupt warriors like Paxton and a spineless national Republican Party, Trump was soundly crushed in the 2020 presidential election.  


The President has been in a stewing rage ever since that loss. He has taken revenge on political enemies, pardoned political allies, and made it clear that he will issue a slew of preemptive pardons for corrupt family and friends before leaving office.


Paxton wants to be one of those corrupt individuals in the President’s political orbit to receive a preemptive pardon—one that would quash the FBI investigation that could send the attorney general to a federal prison, where he rightfully belongs. 


But like the mangy political hound he is, Paxton understands that he has to get the President’s attention—not an easy thing to do with the mad king so mired in political corruption that it is hard to slither before him and kiss his ring.


Paxton Lead Attempt at Paper Coup


Undeterred, Paxton has both the means and resources to ingratiate himself into Trump’s insane circle by appealing to the President’s delusional double-speak that the 2020 election was stolen from him—an assertion the U.S. Supreme Court recently put to rest once and for all time.


On the very day the Supreme Court rejected a frivolous case regarding Pennsylvania’s election, Paxton filed a petition requesting that the court find that elections officials in Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania had illegally interfered with voting procedures that overturn the election. Paxton argued these states used the Covid-19 pandemic to tilt the outcome in favor of President-Elect Joe Biden. The indicted A.G then urged the court to throw out the election results in those states and give the election to the President—a move that is a “dangerous, offensive and wasteful … stunt,” says University of Texas law professor Steve Vladeck. Paxton intentionally led a last-ditch, dangerous attempt to invite the Supreme Court of the United States to overturn a national election and become confederates in a legal coup.


AG Paxton Files Frivolous Lawsuit to Invite SCOTUS to Conspiracy


The Paxton petition had zero chance of success. It is nothing short of legal insanity that the Attorney General of Texas would ask the nation’s highest court to throw out the election results in four states in which Texas had no standing. The Supreme Court gave Texas’ frivolous lawsuit little deliberation and summarily refused to engage in the conspiracy by rejecting Paxton’s fanciful petition.


Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel also described Paxton’s lunatic actions as a cheap “publicity stunt” that “are beneath the dignity of the office of attorney general and the people of the great state of Texas.”


Attorney General Paxton could care less what the Michigan attorney general thinks and is certainly not concerned about the integrity of election results in the four states cited in his petition. He had a blatantly apparent personal agenda: to attract the attention of a delusional president and worm his way into one of those preemptive pardons the President will issue before he leaves office.


Paxton is not concerned about his office’s “dignity” or the people of Texas, who voted twice to elect him, knowing that he was facing felony criminal charges. Paxton is only concerned about the FBI closing in on him with criminal charges. He is only worried about himself, just as his partner in crime, the President of the United States.


Ken Paxton understands the underpinnings of a corrupt political system. He believes he will escape legal accountability for his offenses against the “people of the great state of Texas.”


It is beyond tragic and virtually impossible to comprehend that Republican voters, a Republican Texas governor, and Republican Texas legislators have not, and most assuredly will not, demand Ken Paxton’s resignation.


There is nothing “great” about Paxton or the people who support him. He is a two-bit, corrupt political hack who is an embarrassment to honest Texans and the law enforcement institution he represents.