Texas is a state with a rich history, both as part of the United States and before the United States ever came into existence.


Today, the native peoples who have been on this land for thousands of years have reservations in the state. The Kickapoo, Tigua, and Alabama-Coushatta are all federally-recognized tribes with reservation lands in the state.


In federal reservations, the laws of the United States get viewed differently than in other lands. Committing a crime on a reservation can be prosecuted as a federal crime, as some people have found out.


In December of 2022, an Inola man charged with several counts of abusive sexual contact with a minor, as well as coercion and enticement of a minor, in Indian Country was announced.


While sex crimes are serious in any situation, committing a federal sex crime in Indian Country will land you with federal sex crimes charges – something that can have a massive impact on your future.


Federal Sex Crimes: The Most Common


Sex offenses get defined under federal law, and many fall under the federal government’s jurisdiction, particularly crimes on federal land, such as in Indian Country.


Child Pornography


The crimes connected to child pornography are its possession, production, and distribution. Anyone with material depicting a person under 18 participating in sexual activity can face federal child pornography charges.


Aggravated Sexual Abuse


Aggravated sexual abuse is when someone uses force or threat to get someone to participate in sexual activity with them, particularly anyone under 16. Aggravated rape can also occur in cases they have sex with a minor who is

unable to give consent.


Sexual Exploitation of Children


Deliberately transferring custody of a minor to promote explicit sexual activity is considered a crime under federal law. Even legal guardians and parents can get charged with this type of crime for giving control of children for sexual activity.


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Human Trafficking


The act of human trafficking involves selling, buying, or enslaving other humans for unwanted commercial sex. This crime gets charged for transporting humans over a country’s borders for sexual activity.


Sex crimes can involve kidnapping or trafficking children for sex and soliciting minors for sex. If it’s a federal matter due to where the crimes took place, then it is investigated by the FBI.


One important thing to note about federal sex crimes in Indian Country is that they do fall under the federal government’s purview – but not every crime in Indian Country does. This caveat is a minor distinction that the Supreme Court has hashed out, and an experienced attorney will help you to understand those details.


If you are facing a federal sex crime, then you need help.


Contact an attorney experienced in cases like this to help protect your rights.