What's in Store for Alleged Sex Ring Operators in Dallas

What’s in Store for Alleged Sex Ring Operators in Dallas


Two ring leaders of a sex trafficking operation were recently arrested in the Dallas area on multiple offenses. In this post, we’ll discuss their arrest and the laws and penalties for sex crimes in the state of Texas.


Dallas Couple Arrested on Sex Ring Operation Charges


Federal authorities arrested a West Dallas couple on suspicion of operating a sex ring in which multiple women were being exploited for prostitution.


The case broke in April 2018 when one of the victims escaped the couple’s home, jumped into a nearby ice cream truck, and begged the driver to take her to the police.


Three other victims alleged they were raped by the man and beaten by the couple. The couple reportedly gave the victims illegal drugs like cocaine, ecstasy, and heroin to manipulate their behavior before they were prostituted.


Court documents indicate that the couple had been operating the sex ring since 2015. The man held the victims without their consent after the woman helped entice them into the ring.


In late 2017, police began an investigation after one victim filed a report. She said she met the man on Facebook and went to live with him and the other women at a home in West Dallas. Once there, she was forced to have sex with the man and was not allowed to leave the less than 700 square foot residence.


She reported that the man slept with a gun after securing the windows and doors with locks to prevent her from leaving. He allegedly installed cameras to monitor the women and beat them when they did not perform up to his expectations or for resisting him, according to her report.


The woman finally managed to escape from the house after faking a meeting with a client, at which time she was rescued by her brothers.


Another victim said the couple picked her up in Kansas after which they took her to Dallas. Her story corroborated other reports about beatings, sexual assaults, and enforced drug use the other women had been subjected to by the couple. She was freed when her father made a report to Dallas police.


The victim that hopped in the ice cream truck said she had been held by the couple since June 2015. She informed the police the couple blindfolded the victims and drove them to Florida where they were forced into prostitution. She said the man destroyed all personal identification of the victims so the authorities would have a harder time verifying their identities if caught.


According to her complaint, she escaped after the man choked, assaulted, tortured, and raped her.

The couple were charged in Oklahoma in 2016 for conspiracy and pandering. They will face new charges related to sex trafficking in Texas.


Federal Sex Trafficking Laws


Federal Sex Trafficking Laws

The federal government punishes human trafficking under 18 U.S. Code, Chapter 77 and the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000. The code penalizes specific crimes while the act allows the government to take measures to prevent trafficking crimes from occurring.


Federal law specifically penalizes these forms of human trafficking:


  • Kidnapping with the intent to enslave the individual
  • Enticing or luring an individual with the intent to enslave the individual
  • Transporting an individual with the intent to enslave the individual
  • Sale of an individual into servitude against his or her will
  • Confiscation, removal, concealment, or destruction of an individual’s identification documents with the intent to prevent or restrict the individual’s travel or to traffic the individual
  • Gaining a profit from trafficking or slaving an individual


At the federal level, a conviction can result in a prison sentence of 20 years to life with minimum sentence restrictions.


Aggravating factors include whether the victim was sexually abused, kidnapped, or killed. Using coercion, force, or fraud to lure victims or children into sex trafficking will involve heavier penalties.


Federal law also penalizes offenders who make attempts and conspiracies for human trafficking.

Penalties may involve forfeiture of property and proceeds from criminal acts, along with payment of restitution to victims.


The Best Defense for Federal Sex Trafficking Charges


The Best Defense for Federal Sex Trafficking Charges

If you have been accused of sex trafficking on the federal level, it’s essential for you to consult with a highly trained Texas defense attorney who specializes in federal sex crimes cases.


A skilled and knowledgeable lawyer will carefully review every detail of your case, looking for possible defenses to the charges. We will do everything we can to get your charges reduced or have your case dismissed.


Call today for your free case review. We will work hard to protect your rights as the case progresses.